Friday, May 19, 2006

No blind spots, in the leopard's eyes

Lush - Outdoor Miner - 2'41

Back when singles ascended the charts naturally, rather than a high entry followed by immediate freefall that is the norm today, it looked like Wire's Outdoor Miner might at last provide the band with some commercial success.

Unfortunately, the story went that despite sales indicating the single ought to enter the hot top 40, presumably granting Wire with a lot more airplay and a probable appearance on the BBC's Top Of The Pops, it was that very week that the powers that be decided to descend upon EMI for chart fixing - meaning that legitimate or not, Outdoor Miner's sales would be null and void.

As such I suppose, Wire would only ever continue to be a cult curiosity rather than a genuine commercial viability. But before the likes of Elastica or Menswear decided to pilfer through Colin etc's songbook for their own aims, the unlikely Lush put their take on the unfortunate Outdoor Miner on the back of their For Love EP.


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