Thursday, May 18, 2006

Polytechnic of Doom

Prolapse - Love Like Anthrax - 4'33

I once decided it might be cool to get into gig promotion, and thanks to a drunken night out with Prolapse at Bedford Esquires' Saturday night indie disco, they were going to my first target.

My university was always starved of live acts, not being the most glamourous of venues and presumably being just that little bit too close to London's hipper venues for bands to consider. Regardless, I convinced the student's union entertainments manager that Prolapse were the shit and that we ought to put them on.

As one of the DJ's at one of the most popular indie nights in Luton, I refused to play the hits that anyone wanted to hear, and as such was always relegated to the first couple of hours of the night when there was hardly anyone in. I used to convince myself that the core group of kids that turned up early did so especially to hear whatever leftfield singles I'd scored from Rough Trade that week - but I'm sure it was more to do with the happy hour beer prices the club ran before eleven.

So what possessed me to think that putting a band like Prolapse on mid way through the proceedings of the Saturday indie disco, by which point attendance would be at a capacity level, I'll never know. But I did it.

To make matters worse perhaps, earlier in the day, my uni hosted some intercity athletics meet. And in his infinite wisdom, my entertainments manager decided giving away free tickets for the gig to all participants was a sure fire way of filling the venue in hope that Prolapse would spread the word to other bands that it was worth playing because a decent crowd would be guaranteed.

Obviously, yer average meathead sports guy doesn't really appreciate a giant, hairy bloke with an indecipherable Scots brogue, playfighting with a four foot nine blonde chick reading from a book on stage, backed by a band hammering out the most angular noise. And the athletic fraternity in attendance that night got vocal with their displeasure. Despite the capacity attendance, I bet it was the worst show Prolapse ever played. And so I decided to pack in the promotion idea altogether.

Regardless, if there was one band that were destined to cover Gang of Four, it's Prolapse. Their interpretation of Love Like Anthrax featured on the flipside of their final 7" for Cherry Red Records in 1995.


Blogger the blackened air said...

loving this song

11:46 AM  
Blogger Damn Spy Novels said...

it's marvellous eh? it's a shame, as I think it's the only cover they ever committed to vinyl - because live, they were known to do marvellous versions of Eat Yourself Fitter (which you can imagine), and also Cornershop's 6am Jullander Share (which you can't).

1:52 PM  

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